"Introduction page"

School Educations

Lower Technical School (LTS) 80/84
Mechanical Engineering
Middle Technical School (MTS), 84/89
Mechanical Engineering
Royal Dutch Navy, 87/89
Mechanical Ship engineering
Middle Technical School (MTS), 89/90
Mathematics and physics
Polytechnic Hogeschool (HTS),90/95
Business and Economics
Polytechnic Hogeschool (HTS), 95/96
Marketing NIMA-B

Quick Impression...
Inventor, philantropist, photographer, guitar player, bass guitar player,
drum player, deejay, party event organiser, social entrepreneur, Always a gentleman,
former watersports entrepreneur, Bachelor in Science, Indonesian expat, Malaysian
expat, former inmporter of Canadian construction chemicals, gold-mining industry,
construction industry, building chemicals industry, oil trade industry, watersports
industry, multimedia, television, voice response telephone services, call centre
operations, webdesigner, web-application designer, music-band player, animal lover,
webmaster, ccTld domeinname owner, happy family background (5),
oldest child, one younger brother and sister, raised in coastal Noordwijk; South of Holland; flower area,
physically fit, mentally stable, blogger, spiritually educated, autodidact, intelligent, pragmatic,
persuasive, down to earth, perseverance, ethical, perceptive, analytical, charitable, friendly, humorous,
thinker, inventor, nice guy ^^

ICT-Computer experiences

Most Common Office applications
Various platform and operating systems
DTP applications Fireworks & Flash
HTML-applications Dreamweaver
Dynamic webapplications (PHP/ASP)
E-commerce most common solutions
Portal solutions working on..
Telecommunications professional
Wireless solutions
internet 'early adaptor'

Visited Countries:

England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxemburg,
Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia , Indonesia , Australia
, Oman, Brasil, India (Goa)

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